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non-political, independent, non-governmental,
non-for-profit, professional organization
of regional (state) road administrations

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Association RADOR
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Russian Association of regional (state) road administrations

Association RADOR is the leading organization for advocating, financing, planning, building, maintaining and operating safe efficient highway and road system in Russian regions (states ) by providing support for the development of roads through collaboration with Congress, Council of Federation, state and local authorities, public organizations; technology transfer; networking opportunities; educational and management programs.

Association RADOR is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization with public and private sector members in 76 states. It was founded in 1993.

Since its establishment RADOR has been active in the advocacy of all issues relevant to the road industry, from financing to technology and from development to safety.

Also RADOR goals are:

  • collect, collate and distribute relevant statistical, technical, economic, educational and other material pertaining to the improvement of road systems and standards;
  • contribute to the harmonization of standards;
  • support research in all matters pertaining to road systems and the betterment of economic, technical and scientific knowledge.
Association RADOR works closely with international and national agencies such as International Road Federation, EU delegation in Russia, US Federal highway administration, Finnish Road Administration, Swedish National road administration, Norwegian Public Road administration, national road associations worldwide

President of Association RADOR is Alexander Kadesnikov (Tomsk Road Administration Director)
Director General of Association RADOR is Alexander Afanasyev.

Association RADOR is headquartered in Moscow.

About Association Association RADOR

Post address:
16/3, 9-ya Rota str, Moscow, 107061, Russia
(+7-495) 963-2033, 963-2722
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